Self-Rescue & Emergency Egress Training

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This one-day course concentrates on the various usages of the SRK-11®: Escape, Self-Rescue, and Assisted Rescue. Each student will learn to inspect and operate the dual-brake descender, as well as adjust the kit to his or her own body-weight in order to keep the kit event-ready in case of an emergency.

The majority of this class is held on an elevated structure. After becoming comfortable with the simple processes used with the SRK-11®, students will perform and participate in several simulated escape and rescue scenarios. Each student is required to have a full body harness, helmet, gloves, eye protection, and appropriate clothing and footwear.

Each worker has his own kit, assuring independent, immediate, and adaptable escape and self rescue capability. The SRK-11®, Tech Safety Lines’ unique escape and self-rescue kit, utilizes high heat line with a tensile strength exceeding 6500lbs. The SRK-11® features the Military Compact Descender, The MCD. This controlled descent system provides a rapid means of escape from elevated work locations. With dual braking systems, the SRK-11® self rescue kit is certified by UL as being compliant with ANSI Z359.4-2007, the ANSI standard for assisted-rescue and self rescue systems and components.

Course Duration: 1 Day

Class Size: 6 students per 1 Instructor

Course Objectives

  • Pre-emergency Planning
  • Kit Preparation
  • Anchor Selection and Use
  • Escape & Emergency Egress
  • Self-Rescue From Post-Fall Suspension
  • Evacuation of Incapacitated Co-Worker
  • Equipment Care and Maintenance

Resource Materials

  • Wallet ID card
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Students gain certification by passing a final competency-based practical examination and assessment.

Self-Rescue & Emergency Egress Training Evaluation and Re-certification

Tech Safety Lines, Inc. offers evaluations and 1-day re-certification classes for students whose wallet ID cards have expired.


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