Rescue Kits

BEK (Blade Extraction Kit)

The Tech Safety Lines BEK enables a rescuer to retrieve a disabled worker from deep inside a blade interior back to the hub. The BEK features a pre-assembled 4:1 haul system with sealed, high-efficiency pulleys to manage the weight of an incapacitated worker. The Tag Rope is attached to the worker entering the blade and is used as a retrieval line to bring the worker back to the hub. For wind turbine rescue, the user-friendly BEK comes with all necessary components to extract an unconscious worker from a horizontally positioned blade.

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GLOBAL TRAINING AND EQUIPMENT POLICY: TSL only sells its patented equipment to those that have successfully completed training, either directly from a TSL instructor by a TSL authorized Train-the-Trainer instructor for internal training of employees of the company on the Train-the-Trainer instructor’s wallet card, or by a licensed 3rd party training company (collectively, “Authorized Instructors”). Wallet cards are not transferable from company to company and are only valid for the employer listed on the wallet card.

The BEK includes:

  • 4:1 Haul System
  • Tag Rope (Customizable Rope Length)
  • Ropeman Grab
  • Anchor Straps
  • Carabiners
  • Bag

Meets or exceeds all applicable OSHA & ANSI Standards.