Rescue I Training: Telecommunications

Learn the fundamentals of rescue for the telecommunications industry. This course concentrates on the various uses and applications of self-rescue and assisted rescue equipment for use on elevated structures such as cellular towers, monopoles, broadcast towers, water tanks, silos and rooftops.

Please contact us for further information, pricing, and the rescue equipment most suitable for your work environment.

Each student must have appropriate PPE, including a full body harness, fall arrest lanyard and any personal fall protection devices normally used. Students should be prepared to climb an actual structure several times each day.

Course Duration: 2 or 3 days (dependent upon on the rescue equipment)

Class Size: Maximum 6 students per instructor

All Tech Safety Lines, Inc. rescue training programs meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards.

Please contact us for further information, pricing, and the rescue equipment most suitable for you work environment.

Each student will learn efficient deployment methods and effective kit preparation in order to be rescue-ready in the event of an emergency. Basic fall protection principles, climbing techniques, and pre-rescue readiness are explained and demonstrated. Other course objectives include:

  • Pre-emergency planning
  • Equipment selection & use
  • Victim assessment
  • Suspension trauma awareness
  • Communications
  • Raising and lowering
  • Equipment care & maintenance

After learning the applications of the rescue equipment, the students will perform and participate in several simulated rescue scenarios.

These exercises will include a variety of real-life situations:

  • Access victim
  • Remote victim
  • Pick-offs
  • Self-rescue/refuge
  • Other challenging drills
  • Course Manual
  • Wallet ID card
  • Certificate of Completion

We offer a recertification course for those with an expired wallet card.

We will work with your company to create customized training and equipment that works best for your company’s specific needs.

Course Equipment