tower crane training with TSL

“Don’t Fall! Tech Safety Lines provides fall-prevention equipment and training”

It was an honor to be featured in the March issue of Line Contractor magazine. Diane Waghorne, President of Tech Safety Lines, was interviewed and shares how she started the company and became passionate about workplace safety. We appreciate the editorial team highlighting our mission to create a safer work environment for this community.

Below is a snippet of the article where writer Susan DeGrane and Diane discuss the importance of fall prevention awareness, equipment, and training for workers at height.

Falls remain the leading cause of death in the construction industry. Despite OSHA’s ongoing campaign to raise awareness about fall prevention, many employers still fail to plan appropriately for individual jobs and provide necessary protective equipment and training, as OSHA suggests.

“Unfortunately, many people in charge of safety for their companies say rescue is the forgotten component,” said Diane Waghorne, president and co-founder of Tech Safety Lines Inc., a rescue training and personal protective equipment provider based in Carrollton, Texas. “Sometimes it takes a tragedy to make people aware of how essential this really is.”

Training for line contracting firms often involves self-rescue, Waghorne said. “An employer is obligated to provide prompt rescue in the event of a fall. For people who work alone, our self-rescue equipment and training qualifies as that.” 

The self-rescue kit Diane references in the article is the SRK-11. This micro self-rescue kit is lightweight, compact, easy to use, and 3rd party certified to the ANSI standards. The SRK-11 is certified up to 600 ft and is commonly used by workers in bucket trucks, tower cranes, wind turbines, and more.

If you are interested in learning more about how Tech Safety Lines is working hard to keep workers at height safe in multiple industries worldwide, please reach out to us at You can view Tech Safety Lines’ training courses for the outside electrical construction industry here.

Watch the TSL Aerial Platform (MEWP) Rescue Solutions video below.