16 Hour OSHA Compliant Confined Space Entry Training

Perhaps more than any other work area, navigating all the rules, regulations and responsibilities associated with Confined Spaces can be confusing. The Confined Space Entry Training course is designed to clarify the rules, put regulations into practice, and clearly define the responsibilities of those working in permit-required Confined Spaces. Students receive a comprehensive review of the regulations, learn about the planning, supervising, and entering of Confined Spaces per OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 and 29 CFR 1926.1200 – 1213.

Course Duration: 16 hours

Class Size: max 10 students per instructor

All Tech Safety Lines, Inc. rescue training programs meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards.

Students will learn the definition of confined spaces, the hazards that create permit-required confined spaces, and how to safely operate in these them. They will learn about what equipment should be used depending on the space and the hazards present. Instructors review various atmospheric hazards and commonly found gases with video supplementation that reviews real-life accidents. Students will develop a thorough understanding of how air monitors work, and the proper way to sample the air in confined spaces. And, finally, students learn about Rescue equipment and techniques specifically applicable to Confined Spaces.

OSHA regulations specify that confined space workers must receive refresher training:

  • Whenever there are changes in the assigned permit space program duties

At TSL, we believe in continuing education and that keeping your safety training fresh can save a life.

Students receive hands-on training with respirators, air monitors, and rescue equipment. We also include case studies describing real-life confined space emergencies for informational purposes.

Key topics covered in the Confined Space Entry Training course:

  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Use Of Equipment
  • Defining Permit-Required Confined Space
  • Identifying, Monitoring  and Controlling Hazards
  • Permit Program – the Essential Components of a Valid Permit
  • Duties of Supervisors, Entrants, and Attendants
  • Atmospheric Testing
  • Equipment Calibration
  • Rescue Capability