3S Climb Auto System User Training

No more climbing required with the 3S Lift Climb Auto System. This ladder-mounted climber, operated by a single technician, efficiently transports both personnel and equipment, eliminating the need for traditional climbing methods. Technicians can ascend a wind turbine in just 5 minutes, completely sweat-free.

The purpose of the 3S lift user training is to provide technicians with a comprehensive understanding of the 3S Lift Climb Auto System, including component names, functions, features, and limitations. Everything from attaching your Fall Arrester to evacuation of the system in case of an emergency will be covered in detail.

Successful completion of the 3S lift user training is a prerequisite for all individuals utilizing these systems. Typically, this training is conducted during installation and subsequent maintenance intervals throughout the system's lifespan. Consequently, individuals who miss this training, including new hires or visiting contractors, will be unable to acquire the 3S certificate.

Recognizing the significance of continuous training, TSL has forged a partnership with 3S. This collaboration ensures consistent facilitation and availability of the training course, addressing the needs of individuals seeking to enhance their proficiency in operating the 3S Climb Auto System.

The training program includes hands-on introduction of the 3S Auto Climb System and classroom portion with training PPT, product introduction videos, a multiple-choice test, and basic review of the system manual.

Each student must have appropriate PPE, including a full body harness, dual leg lanyard and any personal fall protection devices normally used. Students should be prepared to use the lift multiple times.

Course Duration: 1/2 day

Class Size: Maximum 6 students per instructor

Validation: 2 years

1. Operation Guide

2. Symbol Explanation

3. Pre-Operation Considerations

4. Responsible Usage

5. Safety Considerations

6. Lift Inspection

7. Lift Maintenance

8. Troubleshooting

9. Spare Parts Ordering

10. Preservation

11. Environmental Protection Requirements

12. Emergency Evacuation


We will work with your company to create customized training and equipment that works best for your company’s specific needs.

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